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Stuffy Stuff
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2nd-Mar-2008 08:44 am - I follow your voice
Long ago since the last entry, but today I'm gonna post some of my new icons. It's not much, about 20 I guess, but at least some stuff for this half dead community.


26th-Oct-2007 04:51 pm - haha :)
yeaah I did it :) lol.
so thanks to pim, first ^__^ errr... yes... ok... oO" thanks.

I made some new icons.. they can be found at my lj ^^
Made 13 LotR and 10 PotC.

here are those from Pirates of the Carribean
and here are those from Lord of the Rings.

see you :)
19th-Oct-2007 01:00 am - 76 Icons and 2 Banners
Peter Narnia
Sorry I didn't update for two weeks, but I was very busy with college. So, I've got 76 new Icons and 2 new Banners ^_^


[30] Bridget Jones's Diary: Bridget

[24] Harry Potter:
[14] The Marauders, back in the old days and now, some with Harry, from PS, PoA and OotP
[10] Ginny in CoS

[14] Interview with the Vampire: Random

[8]Emilie de Ravin


[2] Interview withe the Vampire: Claudia


I have Cookies!

Cheers, Claire
14th-Oct-2007 10:49 am - A bunch of icons
First I thought it would be a hundred icons, but Claire wanted me to make a big set with actors and stuff, so this set is gonna be a bit smaller, and next week end an actor/actresses set will follow.
I hope you like the graphics, comment, take and credit if you like.

Okay, here we go (20 Harry Potter; 20 Lord of the Rings and 20 Pirates of the Caribbean)


Cheers, Pim
2nd-Oct-2007 09:12 pm - 31 Icons
Peter Narnia
Yeah, only 31...but I'm too tired to make more, and some people (*choughsPimcoughs*) force me to upload today.

[31] Icons:
[16] Emma Watson
[15] Ron from Order of the Phoenix


Who are you and what have you done with Hermione Granger?

Cheers, Claire
30th-Sep-2007 08:18 pm - 45 Icons and 16 Banner
Peter Narnia
Yay, my hand doesn't hurt anymore, so I'm going to celebrate with new graphics =)

[15]Clemence Poesy
[30]Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire Part 1

[14]Harry Potter: 3 Hermione, 3 Luna, 3 Ron, 4 Tonks, 1 Ron/Hermione
[2]Interview with the Vampire: Claudia


I am no owl!

Cheers, Claire
29th-Sep-2007 06:21 pm - So time passed by
I have made 70 icons for you.

30 Lord of the Rings
20 Harry Potter
10 Pirates of the Caribbean
10 Actors/Actresses

Hope you'll like them. Comment, take and credit if you like.

Here we go.


28th-Sep-2007 02:39 pm - 200 Icons!
Peter Narnia
Yaaaayyyy, 200 Icons!! And no, I'm not crazy.

[57] Actors:
[24] Emilie de Ravin
[15] Emma Watson
[12] Clemence Poesy
[6] Bonnie Wright (1 together with Evanna Lynch)

[83] Harry Potter (mostly Order of the Phoenix):
[24] Ships (Ron/Hermione, Ron/Luna, Luna/Neville, Neville/Ginny, Neville/Hermione, Hermione/Twins, Hermione/Remus, Remus/Tonks)
[17] Hermione
[10] Fred and George
[10] Neville (1 together with Bellatrix Lestrange)
[7] Ginny
[15] Other Icons

[29] Interview with the Vampire:
[14] Claudia
[15] Lestat

[15] Stock: Sweets
[8] Stock: Old Advertisements
[8] Stock: Wolves


You're just as sane as I am

Cheers, Claire
26th-Sep-2007 03:31 pm - Don't let the sun go down on me
20 LotR Icons. =D
Comment, take and credit if you like. ^_^

Some Teasers:

25th-Sep-2007 04:21 pm - It's getting better...
Some more icons for you today. Mostly LotR but also 5 with Orlando and Lij.
Please comment!


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