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stuffygraphic's Journal

Stuffy Stuff
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Leaders of the community: Clairepace17 and Pimthida, together, with Claire's account. You can tell us apart by our userpics and signatures.

Clairepace17's livejournal
Pimthida's Blog

Credits for graphics made by Pimthida
Credits for graphics made by Clairepace17

Welcome to our community. Please read the guidelines before you post something. This is a community to post graphics of fantasymovies, what includes their actors, too.

Please note that we'll delete every post without graphics or stuff concerning our community!
If you want to show your graphics (doesn’t matter if icons, wallpapers, banners or other stuff), always post some teasers (three would be a good number) and put the other graphics behind a livejournal cut or a link to your own journal. If this is a friends only journal, add a note!
Please do not put spoilers or graphics for people under age in your teasers, always put them behind a cut and give a warning.

Comments are very welcome. Everyone likes comments, they are motivating and an aid for people who want to practice.
Give reviews, and if you think that the user could have done better, give constructive critics. But don't flame!
We’ll delete every attacking post and warn you, if that happens a second time, you’ll be banned completely from our community.